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I am an RN who used your medicated powder at a nursing home in New York state and was very pleased with its properties and its preventive powers when used for patients, especially the incontinent ones. - L. G., RN, Clemmons, NC

My mother is 88 years old and bedridden. Bismoline is the only thing that soothes and helps her. - E. W., Naticoke, PA

It helped more than anything where chafing and prickly heat were troublesome on a 92 year old patient. In fact, the area looks like baby skin-- perfectly smooth. - M. A., Salisbury, MD

The advice I've given many patients reflects the personal success my family has experienced with your product. Patients often have family members who bring their own can of Bismoline to the scene. This feeling of confidence in Bismoline seems to be widespread. - J. M., Lancaster, PA

During hot weather Bismoline has been helpful in preventing breakdowns in skin integrity in our elderly residents. It has also been effective in treating rashes that crop up in the skin folds of our obese residents. - C. A., RN, Epsom, NH

Since my husband had a stroke we have used every powder that we know of. With not being able to get around, he has trouble with chafing and skin irritations. A friend of ours told us about Bismoline. I won't go anyplace without Bismoline. - J. F., Genesee, PA

When my sister-in-law's effects were returned to us from the nursing home, we found a can of Bismoline. I had been having trouble for some time with a rash on my chest. The dermatologist said there was nothing he could do for it. So I tried your powder and it healed the rash. - C. V., Eustis, FL

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