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Recently my daughter, 8 months old, had a terrible combination of diaper rash and prickly heat. For three weeks I tried everything, but nothing was helping. Then a friend that works in a hospital gave me some of your powder and within a couple of days the rashes were gone. - G. M., Sarver, PA

A friend gave me a can of your powder and it worked wonders for a terrible diaper rash our baby had. It clears up the rash better than any powder or ointment I've tried. - C. S., Upper Darby, PA

My youngest had a severe diaper rash for which we used an endless number of tubes of (an expensive product) and it didn't get rid of the problem. Then my sister-in-law told me about Bismoline and as soon as I started to use it the rash disappeared. - M. J., Chicago, IL

I tried it in Lancaster and loved it. It worked so well on my son's diaper rash. - C. S., Glen Cove, NY

My daughter's rash was so bad and raw it was at the point of bleeding. Within two days after using your product, her rash was just a light pink color. By the fourth day it was completely gone. She has never had a problem since then, as long as I had a can of Bismoline around. - C. H., Haverhill, MA

Since my daughter was born she has suffered with bad diaper rashes. My neighbor gave me Bismoline and a world of wonders-- her diaper rash cleared up within two to three days. - B. T., Havelock, NC

My neighbor gave me a can when my daughter was born in January. She has been free of diaper rashes ever since, thanks to Bismoline. Now I always include a can of Bismoline in every baby present I give. - N. A., Cochranville, PA

Recently I had a baby and my sister sent me some of your powder. It works great, but I can't find it here. - S. G., Spokane, WA

Our daughter had a very serious yeast rash. After trying several medications, I used some Bismolene and within one diaper change I noticed a remarkable difference. - H. S., Narvon, PA

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