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My son, in the Navy for four years, came home with a very bad case of athlete's foot. The soles of both feet were black, peeling and very tender. Nothing seemed to help until he started using Bismoline. Now my son's feet are completely healed. - F. A., Hancock's Bridge, NJ

We tried foot powders and they didn't work. Then we tried Bismoline, which worked great. We have no more odor and I can pick up my husband's socks and not cringe anymore. - D. M., Lancaster, PA

We truly love this powder for chafing. It is the best and is a one-day healer. But we can't find it anywhere close to where we live. Now I am on my last can and getting desperate. - J. C., Carbondale, PA

I get rashes from surgical stockings as I'm allergic to anything with rubber in it. Doctors couldn't get rid of it with expensive salves, etc., but your Bismoline has worked wonders. - J. W., Nanticoke, PA

I have developed sensitive skin. This medicated powder is absolutely the best I have ever used. - A. O., Mechanicsburg, PA

My husband has a skin problem on his back and chest, especially during hot weather. The only powder that has given him relief is your Bismoline. - R.H., North Versailles, PA

It has worked wonders for me. I haven't had an itch problem since. - J. F., Lombard, IL

Before joining the Army, I continually used your product. When I was sent to Saudi Arabia, my parents gave me two cans of Bismoline and it was great. Thanks for making such a fine product. - S. W., Captain, US Army.

My oldest daughter has a foot odor problem. I put Bismoline in her shoes and the odor is gone. I also love it for the whole family for an after-bath talc. - K. D., Duquesne, PA

It's the best powder that ever was made. I get a rash often and this wonderful powder takes it away at once. I've tried other powders, even (brand) powder, but yours is the best. - P. (address illegible)

All of my family uses Bismoline and I have recommended it to many friends. One of them has a son who lost part of his leg. The only thing that keeps the stump from being sore is Bismoline. - J. K., New Castle, PA

I have diabetes and tender skin. I have never found a better product to use. - J. C., Philadelphia, PA

I have been using this powder since I became an amputee in 1975 and have not had trouble with my stump in all this time. I also furnish it to other amputees. - J. G., Turner Falls, MA

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