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General Comments

I find your product by far the most effective powder for all ages and for so many different skin conditions. - R. K., Silver Spring, MD

Of all the powders I've tried, this one does the trick. - E. C., Jordanville, NY

These powders are wonderful. I just wish we could buy them locally. - T. C., Davy, WV

I have to tell you, it's the finest product of its kind I have used in all my years, and there have been many. Don't ever change the formula, not even in the slightest. - V. H., Chula Vista, CA

It is excellent for skin rash, chafing, itching, and it helps heal faster. - G. F., McKeesport, PA

We have tried a number of other powders, but nothing has compared to Bismoline. - J. L., Lansdale, PA

Believe you me, there is nothing like Bismoline! - A. T., Punxsutawney, PA

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